Preparation of design documentation in 2D-CAD OSDD
Preparation of design documentation in 3D-CAD NX
Preparation of documentation of electrical panels in EPLAN
Design for the solution heat-treating metals and accessories

Mechanical assembly

Installation of machinery and equipment
Installation of pressure piping systems
Installation of a gas burner systems
Installation of melting and annealing furnaces
Installation of water cooling systems

Electrical installation

Installation of switchboards (control panels, utility boxes, condenser units
and transformation)
Electrical work on machines and equipment
Installation of automation and control components for machinery and equipment

Manufacturing activities

Manufacture of inductors in the melting and heating aggregates
Winding inductors of steel and ferrous semi-finished
Production of copper parts
Impregnation of parts in the insulating coating, drying and curing
Pressing the mounting holes for operating and control elements front panels
Production of parts according to drawings of ferrous and stainless steel
(welding, milling, turning, etc.)


Repairs and establishment inductors
Supply and replacement of spare parts
Customer service facilities for heat treatment of metals such as melting,
annealing furnaces and accessories
Afterwarranty Service also applies to other manufacturers than OTTO JUNKER

Logistics activities

Forwarding activities
Representing the company when reporting data to Intrastat
Storage of materials and goods
Packing and transportation