What is the quality of products OTTO JUNKER Czech Republic s.r.o.

The company's products OTTO JUNKER Czech Republic s.r.o. the guarantor of high technology, reliable, safe and ensure their long-term service.

The company is building a quality product on the basis of long experience in the design and development of the use of quality materials and components from reputable suppliers, flawless execution and completion of the product by providing flawless service. The company supplies products that are always individual solutions that respect the customer's requirements and that meet the highest standards of safety and performance parameters.

All phases of the product - it is the design, fabrication, check-out of the product - subject to the strictest requirements established and applied a quality management system according to the applicable standards.

Requirements for quality of products we verify in particular:

dimensional control
best practices using welding and brazing
pressure testing of components and units
tests electrical components
100% control of the assembly work
functional testing of individual parts or complete products before shipment
functional testing of the product user
assessment and subsequent optimization of machine parameters for use in operation

Our company was first certified in October 2000 according to ISO 9001: 1994.

An integrated management system IMS has been introduced in our company in 2015 and is currently certified by the BUREAU VERITAS according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016, ČSN EN ISO 14001:2016 and ČSN ISO 45001:2018.


What for us means customer

Our activities are directed to the fact that we are a reliable partner in the consulting engineering and supply of equipment and related services.

To achieve the above requirement is to design and product development, production, sales always ready:

carry out product innovation, process and organization
continuously update the quality management system
obtain all staff to fulfill the goals and objectives
conduct regular training to improve communication and awareness of new trends
establish targets and to ensure their performance using measurable indicators