History and development of our company

In 1924, Otto Junker founded the company bearing his name at Lammersdorf, some 20 km south of Aachen. The economic foundation of what was originally a craftsman's establishment lay in the water-cooled billet mould for the nonferrous semi-finished products industry that had been invented by the founder's father, Andreas Junker.

Over the decades that followed, OTTO JUNKER GmbH evolved into a successful medium-sized industrial enterprise with a comprehensive product range.

Since the death in 1982 of Dr.-Ing. E.h. Otto Junker, its sole proprietor, the company has been owned by the Otto Junker Foundation, an institution set up in 1970 with the primary aim of supporting young engineers.

The OTTO JUNKER Czech republic s.r.o. was founded in 1995 in the Czech Republic under the name JUNKER Industrial Equipment s.r.o. as a subsidiary of the German company OTTO JUNKER GmbH.

In the summer of 2006, completed the most significant investment project - construction of new production hall and office building. There has to concentrate its production and service activities in one place. For customers means relocation to new premises improve the quality of supplied products and shorter delivery deadlines.

Milestones OTTO JUNKER Czech republic s.r.o.

1995  -  1997

foundation of the Company
design - creation of production drawings
work assembly facility in Boskovice
installation at customer

1998  -  2000

work assembly in Prerov
purchase of steel structures and components
manufacture of inductors
central warehouse
cutting works grate bars

2001  -  2003

expand cooperation with OTTO JUNKER GmbH and third companies
OTTO JUNKER GmbH Representation in the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
initiate their own activities
field testing of electrical equipment

2004  -  2005

assembly lines for customers
construction and expansion elektrodesign
development of own products
own warehouse management and supply

2006  -  2008

construction of a new assembly hall and administration building in Boskovice
shift production from Prerov and its concentration on 7.700 m2 of production area
concentration of construction activities to Boskovice

2009  -  2023

fusion JUNKER Industrial Equipment s.r.o., JUNKER INDUSTRIAL TRADING s.r.o.
and Otto Junker Invest CZ s.r.o.
the first "Open Day" July 22, 2010

2024  -  ...

change of company name to "OTTO JUNKER Czech republic s.r.o." in 2024