Products and technologies

The product range of OTTO JUNKER Czech Republic s.r.o. based primarily on the product portfolios of the parent company OTTO JUNKER GmbH.

The offer is a complete equipment and capital equipment for melting and heat treatment of ferrous and nonferrous metals.

The melting and holding

medium frequency induction crucible furnace for steel, cast iron,
light and heavy metals
induction holding furnace for cast iron, light and heavy metals
vacuum induction crucible furnace
labyrinth induction melting furnace for light and heavy metals
labyrinth induction holding furnace for cast iron, light and heavy metals
induction casting equipment with automatic dosing
unheated pouring equipment with automatic dosing

The heat treatment

induction heating for pressing pins
rapid gas for pressing pins
heating equipment with floating strips
batch furnaces
continuous furnaces for tubes, strips, sheets and plates
homogenizing furnace
furnaces for hot cutting
heating furnace for the instruments to the presses
extrusion ovens
bell furnaces
hardening furnaces
hearth furnaces
elevator Furnaces
tinning lines
staining and washing facilities
degreasing equipment
rinsing machines
winding device for belts
dispensing equipment for heating furnace
drying machines for metal strips
tack machines